Logisy is now Pragma!

Times have changed at Logisy, and we have decided to turn to the 2nd chapter in our journey, to build an entirely loss-free business for eCommerce brands.

Logisy is now Pragma.

It’s 2022. 

Times have changed at Logisy, and we have decided to turn to the 2nd chapter in our journey, to build an entirely loss-free business for Ecommerce brands.

We at Logisy, started out as a provider to ease the merchant side experience, with 2 key services, both targeting areas that D2C brands had extreme difficulty handling, at the time:

RTO reduction algorithm

Shipping & Order notifications to customers 

With the RTO algorithm, we sought out to eliminate the majority of RTOs before they occurred, reducing unnecessary losses for brands, and fostering customer communication with our WhatsApp-first notification, NPS etc. 

As the D2C economy in India has evolved into a prominent sector, we as enablers of the ecosystem became cognizant of the other unsolved problems - both pre-existent and new. 

From our early days, we have a strong affinity towards co-creation with our customers. In B2B tech, building for the leaders is the safest and most validated way to build fail-proof products. 

And we were immensely lucky to have found such customers who aligned with our vision in our early days to help us shape a lot of product roadmap. 

We developed our communication stack to a platform that supports multiple social channels and an in-built CRM within. 

Our NDR management-an extension of our RTO prevention stack-has proven to be the only system that both effectively reduces NDR and monitors performance of courier partners. 

Our Automated Return Management System, a relatively new addition, supports refunds & exchanges and is shaping up to be clearly the best offering in the market right now with ample customisations. 

In the pre-purchase stages, we are helping brands with Abandoned Checkout recovery, WhatsApp promotions & Commerce and a brand new rapid checkout solution - 1Checkout. 

Early this quarter, we took a look back at the path we have taken, the distance we have covered in terms of not only revenue growth, but as a team. Both in knowledge of the ecosystem and in the numbers. We’re a whopping 13 now! 😉

We realised we were no longer just a Logistics Intelligence company as earlier, but much more. With our values of solving the D2C problems intact, our vision has evolved into something bigger and bolder. 

Our different strengths working together as part of the same whole, to deliver the maximum value to D2C brands. 

And with that, I present to you Pragma, The D2C Operating System. 

Pragmatic - a sensibly and realistic look at things
Pragma - a practical & effective approach through data collection

The Origin of Pragma.

The upward curve in our logo stands exponential growth and the period at the end represents a fully equipped system you will ever need for all your D2C operations, and beyond. 

The only way to get farther is to go together. Having gone through the cycles multiple times, we truly believe in growing together to achieve high levels of profitability and market share. 

Pragma will be the most essential and the only growth catalyst required for the success of your D2C business. Let’s talk!