1Checkout: Why we built a fast checkout solution

Dropped off visitors, Abandoned Carts, drop-outs at Checkout. In the universe of Ecommerce, these constitute hydrogen, helium and dust.

Dropped off visitors, Abandoned Carts, drop-outs at Checkout. In the universe of Ecommerce, these constitute hydrogen, helium and dust. 

There are many solutions and platforms to ease and optimise the consumer buying experience at various touchpoints, especially at the checkout stage. Pioneers in the space have carved a niche for the product category and most importantly shed light on the problem itself. 

Having started as an RTO-prevention suite with data science as our bread & butter, we saw (and still do) the fast checkout solutions as fellow partners trying to fight the common enemy-RTO. 

As we started to add more clients and products to our portfolio focused on the post-purchase journey, we started to notice a lot of room for improvement, and under-utilisation of data in the pre-purchase stages. 

Despite the presence of existing checkout players, in addition to a lot of newcomers, a lot of the opportunities were left on the table. And that is when we decided to take it upon ourselves to create our own fast checkout solution. 

And today, we stand on the shoulders of the giants and present to you a new and improved version of a fast checkout solution - 1Checkout by Pragma. 

The only checkout that will be required by both D2C brands and their customers alike to have an excellent shopping experience. 

Why us? 

Our foray into pre-purchase is not because of a lateral market move, but to strengthen our existing suite of products that are already standout in the D2C ecosystem. 

Besides that, we approach checkout from the eyes of the RTO ( Return to Origin) , which we set out to solve for. RTO reduction will not be a mere byproduct of our checkout solution, but a proactive and primary goal. 

The immense data pedigree with a rich repository of data across ecommerce has given us a good headstart in this approach of solving the problem. And 1Checkout will play a very critical role in our goal to make D2C operation more data-driven. 

We believe, this flywheel of data generation between our pre-and post-purchase segments, will contribute to high quality insights and understanding of customer behaviour at a very deeper level, which in turn will further bolster our entire platform’s performance. 

How are we better? 

Our existing RTO Suite (coupled with other intelligence value-adds) and our customer communication layer compliment beautifully to the new addition that is 1Checkout. 

With 1Checkout added to our arsenal, our growth into being the one-stop solution for ALL D2C operations* will be complete. (Excluding manufacturing of goods) 

What does this mean? Any D2C brand that signs up with Pragma will now have the COMPLETE visibility of a customer’s journey from pre-purchase to post-purchase and they can influence every aspect of this from one single place.